Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter!

I love Easter, and I love that as Catholics, we celebrate the Easter season, not just the day. We'll be alleluia-ing like crazy until Pentecost. Gotta love that....

There's a new feature on the blog...I added a "what I'm reading" spot. The current link is a book I picked up in response to the "Consider the Source" post from a couple of weeks ago. I'm loving it, but it's a challenging read. If I can get through a whole chapter at a sitting, then I'm doing well. Usually it's just a couple of pages. So very much to think about!

So what are you reading now?


Marva said...

I love that......celebrating Easter everyday! What a thought and a swift kick in the bottom. I needed that though.

Ashamed to say...... I am reading nothing.


mamacantrix said...

You take a reading sabbatical until first frost, don't you? Trust me, dearest, if you were reading anything heavy now, we'd all know your little secret: that "Marva" is just your secret identity and that you're really a superhero. Then you'd have to deal with paparazzi and whatnot, so I won't tell. I know how you like your anonymous rural world.