Saturday, March 21, 2009


This blog is subtitled "what went right when things went wrong...". Today, however, I'm having a hard time finding the "what went right." I'm feeling behind the game so far that I'm not sure I'll ever get close enough to eat last place's dust. I also suspect that no amount of chocolate, ice cream, or other mind-numbing, soul-soothing delight is gonna make this one better. In fact, a "pause" button is all I can think of that would truly be helpful -- freeze everyone and everything else around, take a moment to clear my head, make a well-prioritized to-do list, and then tackle it, uninterrupted, one task at a time. So far no luck on that one, either.

Here's the part where I grit my teeth, pray for enough sanity to make it until bedtime, and head to the kitchen to start dinner. I'm definitely wearing my red socks to bed tonight, and taking time to make a list of what did indeed go right today. I'm sure there's something. It's just going too fast to see from this close....


Anonymous said...

First time responder long time reader of your blog. What is this bit about wearing red socks? When I wear sock to bed even in the cold,cold winters night I wake up in the middle of the night and cannot sleep. I prefer to sleep in silk shorts.

I believe ice cream can solve most problems. So far I have not found this to be the case. Spring is coming so is Easter. Kids will be outside playing. How wonderful.

Churning 4 Ice Cream.

mamacantrix said...


The "red sock" thing is a reference to the first post on this blog...the laundry incident that started it all, so to speak. Also, I have a particular (peculiar?) affinity for ugly socks. They're my grown-up version of a security blanket and they go nicely with flannel jammies.

Thanks for stopping in and reading, and for dropping a comment!