Saturday, June 7, 2008

Holding out for 31

We rate so many things numerically -- "on a scale of 1 - 10," "100% sure," "We're #1!," and we all want to achieve perfection -- to be a 10.

But I am challenged -- and resolved -- to hold out for a perfect 31.

A noble 31.
A frugal 31.
A diligent 31.
A generous 31.
A charitable 31.
A well-clothed (in strength and dignity) 31.
A wise and faithful 31.

A crown of honor to the husband I love, and a faithful steward of our children, raising them in the discipline and fear of the Lord.

This is the desire of my heart: To be a perfect 31!
But I will pray for grace to strive, and courage to accept and be at peace when I fail.

Lord give me courage to be afraid, strength to be weak, and humility to be bold before the throne of grace.

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